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USP Chapter <797>
Media-Fill Test Kits

USP Chapter 797 Media-Fill Test Kits

IVQA Media-Fill Test Kits provide the tools to comply with USP Chapter <797> Media-Fill Test procedure standards on aseptic manipulation skills, including representative sterile microbial culture transfer and fill challenges. Our test kits are designed to assess correct technique and effective environmental control for the preparation of compounded sterile products.

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Finding the right kit for your applications

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Low Complexity

Involves only transfer, measuring and mixing with closed or sealed packaging systems. Limited to aseptically opening ampules, penetrating sterile stoppers on vails with sterile needles or syringes, transferring sterile liquids in sterile syringes to sterile administration devices.


Medium Complexity

Multiple individual or small doses are combined or pooled to prepare a CSP for administration to multiple patients or to one patient on multiple occasions. Involves complex aseptic manipulations or requires a long duration to prepare. Does not contain broad-spectrum bacteriostatic substances, and is administered over several days.


High Complexity

Non-sterile ingredients are incorporated or a non-sterile device is employed before terminal sterilization. Non-sterile components are exposed for at least 6 hours before being sterilized. Exposed to air quality inferior to ISO Class 5.

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